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Mountain biking

Schoorl has one of the most famous and most beautiful mountain bike trails in the Netherlands. The trail is clearly marked and runs through forests, heaths and dunes. The length is 15 km and the track has a total of about 220 altimeters and can be called quite challenging due to the many small climbs. The route mainly consists of fantastic single tracks.

There are several starting points and the trail can only be driven in one direction. It is also well maintained. In the summer, the dune sand can become quite loose, but "sheep fences" and plastic mats are placed, so that you can cycle over them effortlessly. A beautiful viewpoint to catch your breath is the Zwarte Blink. From there there is a magnificent view of the dunes, forests and the sea!

There are even more opportunities for mountain biking in the area. The PWN area and the beach adjacent to the Schoorl trail also offer many opportunities for mountain bikers. Also, a 25-minute bike ride away is the 8 km trail of Geestmerambacht, which is known for its many curves and dense forests.

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Bergen NH

Bergen has been a real artists' village since 1900. The environment is very attractive to painters, writers and other artists. In the summer months there are art markets around the Ruïnekerk on several evenings. There are also several galleries and museums. Museum Kranenburg is perhaps the best known.

De Zwarte Schuur / Cinebergen, is located on the wooded estate of 't Oude Hof at Eeuwigelaan 7. Here you can enjoy a good movie. There is a light evening on the first Wednesday of August. The people of Bergen then decorate their garden with beautiful lights, the cozy center with many restaurants and the Ruïnekerk are also extra nicely lit. The Kunst10daagse is organized in October. This is an event in which nearly 300 artists exhibit at approximately 160 different locations in Bergen and Bergen aan Zee. You can purchase the art catalog in the Information Center (near the Ruïnekerk ) It contains all art routes, concerts and exhibitions. The former home of Adriaan Roland Holst can be found on the Nesdijk in Bergen. This house is still inhabited on a rotating base by writers and poets

The oldest minigolf course in the Netherlands, the Merelhof is located in the center of Bergen! The original gravel courts are still located between beautiful old trees. However, this minigolf course is not open all year round, see their website for opening times.

At about 5 km from Bergen, lies Bergen aan Zee. You can cycle to Bergen aan Zee along beautifully located cycle paths. Even if you come by car, you enter Bergen aan Zee via a beautiful area. The Sea aquarium is located at the beginning of Bergen aan Zee. A little further you will find various catering establishments. The Albatros is about 5.5 km. from the center of Bergen.


Alkmaar, the cheese city of the Netherlands. The traditional cheese market is held every Friday morning from the beginning of April to the end of September. A cheese market is also organized in the evenings in July and August. The special spectacle of the many cheeses in the square and the traditional cheese carriers always attracts many visitors and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Alkmaar has a beautiful and cozy center with a well-varied range of shops and restaurants. There are also plenty of cozy and inspiring coffee places, where it is joy to stay.

You should not miss the small old streets in Het Fnidsen. In this old part of the city you will find unique shops and nice restaurants, each with their own unique atmosphere. A good place to stroll around!

Alkmaar has many historic buildings along beautiful canals. A cruise tour is therefore recommended. During the tour important sights will be explained in Dutch and German. Some bridges are very low. You will really have to bend several times. It is also possible to sail through the canals and beyond. Rental boats are available.

In addition, Alkmaar has a wide range of cultural attractions. You can experience the rich history of a mill at the Molen van Groot (Piet), or admire the two world-famous organs in the Grote Sint Laurenskerk, or visit the National Beer Museum De Boom. The Albatros is about 11 km. from the center of Alkmaar.